Benefits of Joining NCCDA

As a member of NCCDA you will receive the following benefits:

  • Information on training and professional development, including courses offered by funding agencies and the UNC School of Government
  • Information on updates on the NCCDA website
  • Discounted fees to our Spring conference which provide important training opportunities and professional development
  • Discounted fees to "mini-conferences" hosted by NCCDA throughout the year on hot topics of the day
  • Coordination and cooperation with other state and national community and economic development agencies and organizations

Membership Information

Three types of membership are available:

  • Active (comprised of municipal, county, or regional agencies)

  • Affiliate (includes private consultants, other private professionals, commercial individuals and firms)

  • Retired community development professionals and students/interns

Each member types have one vote on any question presented at the annual business meeting. 

New Members

If you aren't a member of NCCDA, we want you to join us!

Please fill out the membership application below. Our Membership Committee will review your application and determine if your organization already has a membership and you can be added to it or if we need to create a new membership. 

If a new membership needs to be created, based on the information provided in your application, you will be billed for membership dues for one of the following levels:

  • For-Profit - $250.00/year
  • Regional Agencies - $200.00/year
  • Large City or County (Entitlement) - $150.00/year
  • Non-Profit (Affiliate Membership) - $150.00/year
  • Small City or County (Non-entitlement) - $100.00/year
  • Retiree - $50.00/year
  • Student - $25.00/year

One of our Membership Committee Chairs will be in touch soon!

Join us!

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